Jun 22, 2009

C.R. England Training Timeline

C.R. England Truck Driving Training:

In three to four weeks, complete the classroom and behind-the-wheel training that result in you getting your CDL.

Phase I: On-the-Job Training with a Certified Driver Trainer: For 30 days receive on-the-job training with a certified trainer. The pay of $61.43 per day equates to $430 each week.

Phase II: For 60 days you will become a second-seat driver with a C.R. England lease operator to gain your "company driver" status. During this time you will see how the C.R. England lease program works and will gain more valuable driving experience. At an average of $450 to $600 per week, you will earn 12 cents for every truck mile.

After completion of your training program, it's time for you to choose from several career paths available to you:
  • Lease your own truck: Choose from a new, state-of-the-art Freightliner Century or Cascadia.

  • Lease our own truck: This option provides a six-month demo lease.

  • Remain as a second-seat driver: You will earn 13 cents a mile and continue to receive company benefits.

  • Become a company driver: Drive one of C.R. Englands newer, well maintained, company operated trucks.

For More Information - http://www.CREngland.com/

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